Employment in Spokane

Spokane County is the largest labor market in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. The diversified economy includes logistics and distribution, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, health services, finance/insurance, government including education, and agriculture.

Spokane has historically been a center for services in government and higher education, medical services, retail trade and finance. Manufacturing has a solid base due to the hydropower generation, rail and Interstate highways. Fairchild Air Force Base is the county’s largest employer. The health sciences continue to grow with the hospital systems and the University District campuses which train a health care workforce, attract research, and provide jobs in the health care sector.

Spokane is competitive with other urban centers in attracting national and international investment in the form of tourism and conventions, the military and research. These investments in turn support the creation and expansion of still other complementary businesses, creating a well-rounded and diversified economy.

The regional economy is thriving on the emergence of new technologies in advanced manufacturing, professional, scientific and technical services and health care research and commercialization. New jobs in these industries offer excellent long-term prospects for employment and higher earnings, and are supported by the region’s focus on driving K-12 and higher education initiatives to grow these new economic opportunities.

Spokane County has a higher percentage of adults 25 years and older who were high school graduates than Washington state or the nation at 85.7%. 

Community Colleges of Spokane is vibrant, comprehensive learning community – with educational opportunities for students of all ages and abilities. The schools are adding new programs and tweaking existing ones constantly to meet the needs of employers in the region.

The average wage is $41,730. View the current  Labor Area Summary


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