International Trade

Spokane is the largest center for freight on the NAFTA corridor

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Spokane is located on the east side of Washington State and 110 miles south of the Canadian border. It serves as the business, transportation, media, medical, educational and entertainment hub for the Inland Northwest and its more than two million residents.

As the largest center for freight on the NAFTA corridor with both highway and rail connections between Canada and Mexico, and a mere 4.5 hours by highway to Puget Sound ports, Spokane is ideally situated for international commerce.  

Total value of Spokane area exports reached $2.237B in 2014, with Canada, China, Japan, and the European Union being the primary trade partners. That same year exports accounted for 8.4% of the Spokane metro area GDP. Learn more about the impact of trade on our regional economy. 

For more information on starting or expanding your businesse's trade activity, or for information on the Spokane region as a location for business opportunities or investment, please contact:

Jessica Kirk
Director, Business Retention, Expansion & Startup


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