With one of North America’s fastest growing health science campuses, a deep manufacturing base, and a flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem, Spokane is optimally positioned for international partnerships and investment. 


The region is diverse, with expertise across many industries  from aerospace and manufacturing to health sciences and information technology.

Global Reach

Spokane’s international presence continues to grow with companies such as AMI Metals, CaterpillarHOTSTART, Itron, Kaiser Aluminum, and Wagstaff as global leaders in their industries.


Spokane is the largest center for freight on the NAFTA corridor with both highway and rail connections between Canada and Mexico. Puget Sound ports are only 4.5 hours from Spokane and serve as the closest U.S. ports to Asia and the Russia Far East.

Education & Workforce

Nearly 90,000 students attend six universities and multiple colleges within 80 miles of Spokane, providing a high quality and reliable talent pool. Learn more about our local education system, as well as the work of Greater Spokane Inc. to ensure a robust workforce for area businesses.

International Community

Spokane has a growing international community and maintains cultural connections around the world through Spokane Sister Cities and the numerous international student programs of local universities. The Spokane International District lies within the City of Spokane’s Targeted Investment Project, and qualifying investment projects are eligible for incentives.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

Spokane’s FTZ offers multiple benefits to businesses operating within the zone, greatly reducing the cost of doing business and simplifying international trade activity. Learn more about the FTZ here.

International Services Tax Credit

Companies in designated geographical areas creating permanent full-time positions in international services (such as computer data processing, information, legal, accounting and tax preparation, engineering, architectural, business consulting, business management, public relations and advertising, surveying, geological consulting, real estate appraisal, or financial services) may be eligible for a $3,000 tax credit for each new qualified position created. A credit is earned for up to 5 years, if the position is maintained. Learn more about the credit here.

Greater Spokane Inc. is available to help you explore the Spokane region as a location for investment. We can:

  • Conduct confidential real estate and business facilities searches
  • Organize business matchmaking and roundtables
  • Provide data on key business factors
  • Facilitate the permitting process
  • Assist in evaluating and applying for incentives
  • Facilitate workforce training and recruitment

For more information on international investment in the Spokane region, contact:

Jessica Kirk
Director, Business Retention & Expansion