Information Technology

Information Technology
Information Technology / Communications / Telecommunications / Data

Spokane is a regional hub for information technology, communications, telecommunications and data services and products.  Named as a “Top U.S. Intelligent Community”, the region is home to multiple Tier 1, 2 and 3 level telecom service providers offering diverse and redundant networks with access to regional, national and global markets and customers.

Geographically, the community is ranked among the safest areas in the nation for natural disasters, according to Sperling’s Best Places, Congressional Natural Hazards Caucus, and Forbes Magazine. This makes Spokane an ideal regional, national, and global location for critical business services as well as manufacturing, data storage and disaster recovery.

The region also boasts a diverse and growing collection of cloud-based, software development and entrepreneurial firms with national and global reach.

  • Tier Point
  • Salesforce /
  • Second Watch
  • Gravity Jack
  • Limelyte Technology Group
  • Maplewood Software
  • Soft Technologies
  • Bias Software
  • RiskLens


Track the total number of patents awarded on Spokane Community Indicators.

Spokane’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

  • Spokane has cultivated an aggressive entrepreneurial ecosystem for business acceleration, innovation and growth.  Learn more at Start-up Spokane.

Advantage Spokane

  • Spokane’s higher education system includes five universities and two community colleges.
  • 26% of non-farm employment in Spokane County is tech sector based.
  • Numerous degrees, from two year through PhD, are available in the greater Spokane region to support the computer science, information technology, engineering, mathematics and general technology industry workforce.
  • Higher education assets include Washington State University’s Applied Sciences Lab and Gonzaga University’s Smart Antenna and Radio Laboratory.
  • Spokane is a national leader in K-12 STEM education and programing.
  • Spokane has cutting edge high schools dedicated to health sciences, technology and engineering, and a genetics lab offering gene sequencing program for local high school students.
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Information Industry in Spokane


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