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October 8, 2019
Categories: About the Spokane region, Infrastructure, Business Growth
Area: Spokane County

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – Spokane County Assessor Tom Konis announced in September that the Spokane County Assessor’s office has just finished adding $1,078,958,814 in new construction to the tax rolls, which will be payable in 2020.

To accomplish the assessment of all the new construction permits in the County for 2019, there were 22 residential and commercial appraisers that had to physically inspect over 4,600 parcels individually throughout the county.

The $1.078 billion dollars was the second highest amount in history added to the county’s tax roll and it is only the third time that the billion-dollar amount has been exceeded.

Spokane County Assessor, Tom Konis stated, “In this bustling real estate market we saw a rapid increase in new construction throughout the entire county. Due to the efforts of the 22 appraisers in our office and with the help of our support staff we were able to inspect and value 100% of these new construction permits in the County. In addition, for the first time in three years, I am pleased to say that we completed this portion of our work on schedule and on time as required by Washington State laws.”

Chair of the Spokane County Board of Commissioners, Mary Kuney added, “I’d like to recognize the herculean efforts of all of our Spokane County appraisers, they are such an essential component in ensuring the County and our districts receive the funding needed to provide the services our citizens desire.”