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September 27, 2021
Area: Spokane County

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – Spokane County Assessor Tom Konis announced this week that the Assessor’s office has finished adding $1,338,116,330 in taxable new construction to the tax rolls, which will be payable in 2022. 

To accomplish the assessment of all the new construction permits issued in the County for 2021, the 20 residential and commercial appraisers had to physically inspect 5,350 parcels individually throughout the county.

The $1.338 billion dollars is the highest amount ever added to the county’s tax roll in a year and it is only the fifth time that the billion-dollar amount has been exceeded.  

Spokane County Assessor, Tom Konis stated, “Due to the efforts of the appraisers and support staff in our office we were able to inspect and value 100% of these new construction permits in Spokane County. In addition to the use of portable tablets, the Assessor’s office is now receiving electronic plans on most permits from the Building Departments which has increased efficiency. We can now verify that the building plans are correct, eliminating the need to measure every wall.”

Notices to property owners affected by new construction value changes will be mailed on Oct. 1st.

Chair of the Spokane County Board of Commissioners, Josh Kerns added, “Our Spokane County Assessor and all of his Appraisers rarely receive the credit they deserve. These hard-working men and women deserve recognition for the work they do in assessing property in our County which allows our taxing districts to receive the funding needed to provide the services our citizens desire.”