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The Spokane Tribe of Indians

Provide Spokane's Best Incentives. Peep our swag:


  • Self Governance – Permitting, Taxation
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Guaranteed Federal Contracting
  • A Whole Mess of Tax Credits
  • No Sunshine Laws
  • Opportunity Zone
  • Promise Zone
  • HUB Zone
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Incentivized Leasing
  • Permitted & Shovel Ready
  • Trunk Infrastructure On Site
  • Expert Navigation


If you have a mind toward disruption, you just found the right tree to bark up. Tribe's are a whole lot more than gambling, cheap cigarettes, and fireworks. The Spokane Tribe of Indians has many top-hats for you to pull rabbits out of. Non-tribal, public jurisdictions -- states, counties, cities, and special districts -- simply cannot compete with the scope of incentives sovereignty brings to the table.

There are no boundaries on this thing, not even a box to think outside of.

If you like transcending systems, we should talk.


West Plains Digits

Total Acres: 308
Miles to Downtown Spokane: 8
Miles to Interstate 90: 5
Miles to Spokane International Airport: 4
-Total Direct Flight Destinations: 16
-Total One-Stop Domestic Flight Destinations: 229
-Total One-Stop International Flight Destinations: 22


Chewelah Digits

Total Acres: 180
Miles to 49 Degrees North Ski Resort: 12
Miles to Metro Spokane: 40
Miles to National Forest Lands: 3


What are Tribal Trust Lands?

Trust lands are the best kept secret in economic development. The name on the parcel title is United States of America, which owns trust lands on behalf of federally recognized, self-governing tribal nations. The part that matters most for you is the phrase self-governing tribal nations. Comparing tribal government to cities, counties, and local special districts fails to adequately acknowledge the full scope of tribal sovereignty.

Tribes are more like states but, in the case of economic development partnerships, there's one significant exception: you don't need to convince a partisan legislature and governor to cut a deal with you. Nope, in the Spokane Tribe's case, win-win relationships are subject to the choices of a five member, elected, Tribal Business Council.

Sure beats hiring a lobbyist to work some hustle in DC or Olympia.

We've never heard a good idea we didn't like. Let's do business.

Let's milk the cash-cow together.

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Minutes to Airport


Minutes to Downtown

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