Startup Spokane

It’s no longer a secret – Spokane is an awesome place to launch your next company, build products, and develop big ideas. As a city geared towards bootstrapping, with a low overhead and high quality of life, Spokane has quickly become home to a vibrant and growing community of freelancers, makers, and tech entrepreneurs who recognize that Spokane is “right-sized” when it comes to building dreams into reality.

Greater Spokane Incorporated recognizes that many of the companies that will drive our economic engine tomorrow will come from our local entrepreneurs today. We are committed to helping them succeed through a program called Startup Spokane.

Developed to make sure entrepreneurs have the resources, connections, and community critical for their startups to thrive in the greater Spokane area, Startup Spokane hosts a series of inspiring business and community events, develops mentorship opportunities, manages coworking space for young businesses to grow, and is designed to be the “front door” of our entrepreneurial community.

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For more information Contact Megan Hulsey, Program Manager 509.321.3626

 Jessica Kirk, Director, Business Retention, Expansion & Startup 509.321.3641