Picture of Downtown Spokane-Washington Water Power


The Northwest is blessed with an abundant supply of fresh water. Spokane’s drinking water comes from the “sole source” Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, fed by Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho. The Spokane Aquifer Joint Board, comprised of twenty-one water purveyors, provides safe, clean drinking water for homes and offices around the Spokane region.

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The rates of the Spokane area’s various water districts vary greatly and aren't listed here.

Water Rates for Commercial Users in the City of Spokane
Monthly fee $17.24 — $372.05 1
Usage per 100 cubic feet $0.32 — $0.97 2
Water Rates for Commercial Users outside of the City of Spokane
Monthly fee $33.38 — $565.61 1
Usage per 100 cubic feet $0.48 — $1.452

Source: Spokane Journal of Business Market Fact Book 2018

1 Depending on size of pipe needed.

2 Depending on the volume used.


Stable prices and easy hook-up make natural gas a viable energy source in most areas of Spokane.
Avista Corporation is the region's distributor. 

1000 therms usage $632.26

Source: Spokane Journal of Business Market Fact Book 2018


An abundance of hydroelectric power offers Northwesterners some of the lowest rates in the nation. Avista Utilities is the region's main utility company, supplying power to the citizens of Spokane and the surrounding community. Hydropower provides about 60 percent of the total electrical energy.

Commercial & Industrial Electricity Rates
  Avista Corp. Inland Power & Light Co. Vera Water & Power
Commercial 12,500 kWh usage 50 kW demand $1,455.75 $1,062.50 $4,060.00
Industrial 200,000 kWh usage 500 kW demand $18,717.00 $15,125.00 $15,460.00

Source: Journal of Business Market Fact Book 2018


Spokane’s telecommunications infrastructure is quite robust with the Pacific Northwest Gigapop, digital switches, fiber and redundancy in place throughout the business community. Over 500 miles of dark and lit fiber has been deployed in the region. There are 25 broadband providers in the area, with an average speed of 22.4 MBPS.

Spokane Public Schools’ Educational Metropolitan Area Network (E-MAN), a gigabit fiber connection to all classrooms in more than 53 schools and administrative buildings, has been ranked number one in the world. The City of Spokane has been recognized two years in a row as a finalist in the “Most Intelligent Community of the Year” search by the Intelligent Community Forum. For four straight years, Spokane area hospitals have been named in the top “100 Most Wired and Wireless in the Nation” by Hospital and Health Networks, the journal of the American Hospital Association.

Recent recognition

  • “Safest Cities” - lowest risk for natural disaster Sperling, 2013
  • Smart Grid City of Excellence – Clean Edge