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Affordable Housing and Pace of Life Make Spokane Desirable

Affordable Housing and Pace of Life Make Spokane Desirable

As noted in a recent  Seattle Times article, Spokane has become a relocation destination for many who seek affordable housing. Young couples who were once living in large West Coast cities have been priced out of those markets and are seeking a more family-friendly lifestyle. The slower pace of life, while having urban attributes makes Spokane a desirable destination.

The housing prices in Spokane are attracting people to the area. Spokane was recently listed at the top of the list of “10 Affordable, Midsize Cities” by The median home price in March for houses and condos in Spokane County was $219,000. The homes in Seattle were priced over $800,000 for single-family houses.

Real Estate agents find themselves not just selling homes, but selling Spokane as well. Their clients include young couples from West Coast markets and people nearing retirement seeking a slower paced life.

For area resident trying to sell, the stream of new comers is a welcomed sight. Most of the new residents can pay cash or a large down payment due to selling their previous home in a higher-priced market.

Read the article here to learn more about Spokane’s attractive housing market.

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