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February 16, 2017
Categories: Recruitments & Expansions, Business Growth

Capital Insurance Group Expands to Eastern Washington

Capital Insurance Group (CIG) opened its first Eastern Washington location in the Chase Financial Building in downtown Spokane late in 2016.  The location will serve as CIG’s Northwest Regional Headquarters office. The Spokane office will house a technology group and commercial and agri-business underwriters and sales staff.

With corporate headquarters in Monterey, Ca, CIG employs over 400 people in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Western Washington.

The company chose to expand to Eastern Washington because of the opportunity in the agricultural industry. The company works often with row crops and winery businesses.

The CEO has a  connection to the Intermountain Northwest.   Washington born and bred, Arne Chatterton, president and CEO still maintains a residence in Moses Lake. He says, “I love Eastern Washington. Having lived there my entire life until taking this position in 2013, I love the people, I love the area, and I would like to see (Capital Insurance Group) have a much stronger presence.”

The company currently has 22 employees with plans for expansion. The annual economic impact for the region is $15.6 million.

Read more in CIG’s press release.