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GSI advocates for importance of international trade and diplomacy

GSI advocates for importance of international trade and diplomacy

Earlier this month GSI joined the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) and other community leaders to discuss with Rep. McMorris Rodgers the importance of diplomacy and international trade. The USGLC advocates for a healthy International Affairs Budget. Representing the business community, GSI stressed the importance of;

  • A fully functioning Ex-Im Bank. The bank, which provides export financing for U.S. exporters, is part of the International Affairs Budget. The bank is not only important for the direct users in the region, but also the many aerospace suppliers that feel the effects of a healthy aerospace export market. Boeing is a major user of Ex-Im’s credit insurance.
  • The importance of predictability and stability. These are major factors for businesses, especially when deciding to enter a foreign market. With roughly 95% of the world’s consumers outside the U.S., the more stable foreign markets are, the easier it is for local companies to reach those consumers.
  • The services provided by and housed in our Embassies around the world, such as U.S. Commercial Service officers, are an incredibly valuable asset in our efforts to help companies export.
  • With the growth of the middle class around the world, particularly in Asia, there will be a continued and growing demand for U.S. agriculture products. Market access as well as quality infrastructure in those markets will be key for our regional ag producers to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Representatives from higher education, military, and science/research also shared the importance of healthy diplomatic relations around the globe.

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