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How a Community Comes Together in a Crisis

The GSI Connect Magazine is out. In this year's annual publication, we talk about the partnerships and how a community comes together in a crisis.

March Madness

Remember when it all began back in March?
What happened when COVID hit Spokane? 

Pia Hallenberg

Life before COVID 19 may feel like decades ago, but it was just in March that the virus really took a hold of Spokane. Streets emptied as people began working from home, leaving behind acres of empty parking lots and sidewalks. 

March was when thousands of businesses switched off their red letter “open” signs, not knowing when they’d be able to turn them on again. The NCAA tournament was canceled, and Cher postponed her highly anticipated “Here We Go Again” tour stop. Hoopfest was first postponed, then canceled. Bloomsday went the same route before going virtual. Life as we had come to know it came to an uneasy stop. 

The Inland Northwest is used to being challenged by Mother Nature. Our lovely home has been shaped by summer fires, winter ice storms and spring floods, natural disasters we have faced with our trademark resilience, resourcefulness, and determination. Spokane shows up. 

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