Regional Voices: Addison Pemberton – Scanivale Corp.

Addison Pemberton is president of Scanivalve Corp., a Liberty Lake, Wash.-based company launched by his father, J.C. Pemberton, in 1955. Today, Scanivalve is the world’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art Ethernet-based pressure and temperature measuring instruments.

Why he moved his company’s headquarters from San Diego to Spokane in 1995: For the quality of life and beauty of the Pacific Northwest, as well as lower overhead. We could have relocated anywhere in the nation, and we picked Spokane.

How his company has evolved since then: We’ve grown from a machine shop building mechanical pressure scanners to an electronic/software company manufacturing intelligent pressure and temperature products.

Going forward: Spokane has the real estate and labor resources needed to grow our business.

How Spokane has changed during the past two decades: We have better industry networking, and improved commercial airline service.

What Addison considers the community’s greatest assets: The people I work with, the friends my family and I have made here, and the area’s scenic beauty.

What he enjoys showing out-of-town guests: Local lakes – particularly Priest Lake’s Cavanaugh Bay – and the vintage aircraft I have restored.

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2 Responses to Regional Voices: Addison Pemberton – Scanivale Corp.

  1. Paul says:

    I’m curious about the cost of living/operating a business in ’95 vs now. Lately, we’ve been wondering about moving our business over to Spokane. We already do some servicing there, love the area, but have been concerned with overhead prices simply because of the population numbers. Typically, higher metropolitan areas mean higher costs all around, but I think we’re going to start looking into this more seriously.

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