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Regional Voices: Larry Soehren – Kiemle & Hagood

Regional Voices: Larry Soehren – Kiemle & Hagood

Larry Soehren is president and CEO of Kiemle & Hagood, a market leader among commercial real estate companies in the Inland Northwest and beyond. Kiemle & Hagood manages more than 7 million square feet of office, retail, medical, industrial and general commercial space, as well as 1,500 multi-family units, more than half of which serve low-income residents.

Growing up in Spokane: I loved taking the bus downtown to have lunch with my dad. When I was 16, I watched with excitement as the Expo 74 World’s Fair came together. Looking back now, I really appreciate what it took to pull that off.

Larry’s rise at Kiemle & Hagood: I joined the company in 1983 as a commercial property manager. Ten years later, I became director of the commercial management department, and a full partner in 1996.

The company’s evolution: Since 2000, we’ve more than doubled the size of the company as far as revenues, property management assignments and staff. Several years ago, we moved our building maintenance staff into a new company, K&H Facility Services, which allows us to provide maintenance services to many clients for whom we do not manage property. Our maintenance staff has nearly tripled since that change.

Kiemle & Hagood’s territory: The largest concentration of our business, by far, is in Spokane. That said, our Coeur d’Alene office has grown nicely over the past several years. We recently opened an office in Kennewick to serve the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla markets. Our Missoula office opened March 1.

Ways Spokane has changed: The past ten years have brought something of a renaissance. We have a vibrant downtown, expanding tourism industry, easy transportation and a wide variety of entertainment options. Yet we still have nice, affordable housing, and amazing outdoor recreation opportunities within 30 minutes or less.

The community’s greatest assets: Its talented workforce, educational opportunities, and the overall quality of life.

Goals for Spokane: I’d like us to continue growing in a smart way, conscious of the treasures we have here. Visitors often comment on how lucky I am to live in such a great place.

Businesses opportunities: Thanks to more urban housing, a lively, walkable downtown and two new medical schools, Spokane is a natural for tech companies and other startups. And we have a very healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem to support those companies.

What he enjoys showing out-of-town visitors: There are several things I always show visitors to give them sense of Spokane. First is the historic Davenport Hotel – both the building itself and the vintage photos that provide context. I love taking them through our historic neighborhoods. And any good tour must include a stop along Cliff Drive to show off a panoramic view of downtown and beyond. It really opens people’s eyes.

How Larry relaxes: We’re an RV family, so we love to go “glamping” around the Pacific Northwest and Canada. The beautiful drives are as enjoyable as the destinations.


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