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Sister City Visit Facilitates International Trade

Sister City Visit Facilitates International Trade

When Mayor Alberto Alessandri and his assistant Marco Valeri of Cagli visited Spokane for the signing ceremony, GSI hosted them for a “lunch & learn” with elected officials and local business leaders before touring manufacturer, HOTSTART.

A leader in diesel engine heating, HOTSTART currently exports to Italy, but is pursuing new opportunities in the market. As a result of the Mayor’s visit and tour, HOTSTART was able to establish a valuable connection in the market. GSI’s International Trade Manager, Drew Repp, reports that as a follow-up to the initial meeting and tour, a group from HOTSTART traveled to Italy and visited potential customers in Cagli with Marco Valeri as a liaison.

The Sister Cities program promotes exploring other countries through culture, education and business. The new Cagli – Spokane relationship is off to a great start!

GSI’s International Trade program works to enhance the regional economy and support job creation through the growth of local trade activity. With more than 95 percent of the world’s population and roughly 75 percent of the purchasing power located outside the United States, the global marketplace represents a significant opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to expand their customer base.

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