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Spokane has simplified the site selection process for your project. We have shovel-ready sites, a skilled workforce and a portfolio of incentives that are very competitive with other locations. Spokane is a regional hub, serving a population of almost 2 million people with cultural activities, retail connections, multi-modal transportation, recreational access, business services, educational opportunities, medical care and much more.

The region’s workforce is highly skilled, with additional capabilities available through the entire educational platform from K-20+, including alternatives in on-the-job and customized technical training as well. The largest jobholder age group in Spokane County is 25 to 34 year olds at 22.6 percent of the workforce.

Recent projects include:

Greater Spokane Incorporated’s economic development team is ready to help:

Clean Technology/Energy/Environmental, and Information Technology
Contact Todd Mielke, 509.321.3635 

Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing, and Logistics and Distribution
Contact Stan Key, 509.321.3640

Healthcare/Health Sciences/Life Sciences
Contact Stacia Rasmussen, 509.321.3637

Business and Professional Services
Contact Drew Repp, 509.321.3634