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Regional Voices: Annie Stranger – Sweet Annie’s Artisan Creamery

Regional Voices: Annie Stranger – Sweet Annie’s Artisan Creamery

Annie Stranger owns Sweet Annie’s Artisan Creamery. “We make locally sourced, life-affirming, crazy-delicious ice creams.”

Popular flavors: The Bee’s Knees, Coco A-Go-Go, Vanilla Veracruz, and Hello, Ginger.

What brought Annie to Spokane: Growing up in North Idaho, I felt isolated and eager to see the world. It wasn’t until I’d traveled and lived in many places that I found my way back, with a greater appreciation of what this area offers.

Why she started her own business in 2015: Sweet Annie’s Artisan Creamery was an attempt to really engage with my community, support our local food systems, be creative, and bring little moments of happiness to people in my neighborhood.

What inspires her: Learning new business skills, and discovering exciting new ice cream flavors.

Professional goals: To create the best-tasting ice cream possible, and make my community a more dynamic and more delicious place to live.

How her business has evolved: We’ve invested in bigger and better equipment. It’s still a super-lean operation, but we absolutely love partnering with other local businesses for events and exciting new flavors.

The next step: As we streamline our process, we’ll explore wholesale opportunities with local restaurants and small grocery outlets.

Why Spokane: I can’t imagine anywhere else that would make me so eager to work this hard.

Spokane’s greatest assets: New ideas are really welcomed here, which is a huge asset.

What Annie likes most about living here: It’s been so wonderful reconnecting with nature after living in big cities for years.

What she shows visitors: I take them to Lake Coeur d’Alene or on one of my favorite hikes. And, of course, I’ll always suggest a favorite restaurant.

How she relaxes: I find some nature, grab a book, go for a workout, or share a glass of wine with friends.

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