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City of Spokane

Key Data Points:
  • 222,000 Population
  • Workforce of 107,450
  • $270,000 median new home price
  • 300+ annual community events
  • 30 day average building permit time
About City of Spokane

The City of Spokane, WA, is the capital of the Intermountain Northwest, with a population of 222,000 at the core and regional population of more than 700,000 people. Spokane has grown up along the banks of the beautiful Spokane River accented by a series of rapids and water falls. A 100-acre urban park, new community plaza, and planned trailhead frame the south bank of the river and create a launching point for a 3-mile Gorge Loop trail that seamlessly transitions work into play.

The City is working to leverage its incredible urban experience to encourage new business investment that builds on more than $2.8 billion of public and private investment over the past six years, a growing entrepreneurial reputation, and a University Research District that includes degrees from six higher education institutions and two medical schools. Over the next five years, there is another $750 million planned in major investments in higher education, public education, transportation, recreation and entertainment, the river, and public safety; which will only enhance Spokane’s livability quotient and opportunity for economic growth. The Urban Experience!

The City's economic development policy is to align public investments in neighborhood planning, community development and infrastructure development with private sector investments, resulting in increased opportunities for business growth and to provide its citizens with safe, affordable and quality residential living environments.

The City of Spokane has a variety of tools to customize and maximize your business. An Economic Development Specialist will work with you to ensure your investment in Spokane is matched with all investment incentive available to your industry or property.

Spokane is a regional hub, well connected by highway, rail, air, utilities and fiber. We have the transportation network and technology to move people and products quickly and efficiently.

As the education hub of the Inland Northwest with 18 colleges and universities located in the area, Spokane has a dependable source of employees who are well trained, ready-to-work, and valued for loyalty.


Ask yourself — between traffic, cost of living and everything required to make ends meet — do the moments that make up your life include enough of the stuff that matters? Every day, businesses, artists, elected officials and cultural leaders are building a more ambitious, vibrant, & compassionate community in the City of Spokane.


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