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Tainio Biologicals, Inc Expands in Spokane County

Tainio Biologicals, Inc Expands in Spokane County

Taino Biologicals, Inc, a family-owned company which has grown for nearly 30 years in Cheney, WA, broke ground on a 13,650 SF building in Spokane County. The new, corporate facility includes lab and research space, production facilities, offices and warehousing.
Tainio focuses on producing natural, sustainable products such as broad – spectrum microbials, specially formulated enzymes, and a balanced nutritional program to promote optimal health of plants and soil, resulting in higher yields, bigger profit margins for the farmer, and healthier food for the consumer.
In addition to sales throughout the United States, Tainio products are distributed internationally in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Central America.

GSI helped Tainio with approval for a 5-year tax deferral on sales & use tax on construction of a manufacturing facility, a pilot economic development program through the State Department of Revenue. GSI also worked with the company on the WA Sales & Use Tax exemption for Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment. In addition, GSI’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) helped them with a woman-owned business certification for government contracting, to expand their business.

The expansion will bring 5 new jobs, a $17.8M capital investment, and an annual economic impact of $1.8M.

For more information about GSI’s Economic Development Expansion Program, visit If your company is looking for business expansion assistance, contact Robin Toth at 509.321.3636.

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