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About Make It Spokane - NEPDA

A nimble, community-centered organization dedicated to business vitality in Northeast Spokane. 

Make it Spokane®, the Northeast Public Development Authority is facilitating the expansion of a business incubator and innovation zone—a thriving center of commercial, manufacturing, artisan, and entrepreneurial activity.

Economic development, job recruitment, and local business growth are the ways Make It Spokane® is creating the brighter side of Washington.

Major transportation upgrades, like the $1.5 billion North Spokane Corridor Project, place the Northeast of Spokane at the intersection of accessibility and progress. With improved connectivity, the Northeast becomes a land of opportunity and possibility.

With its roots in innovation and strong forward momentum, Northeast Spokane is one of eastern Washington’s premier urban industrial neighborhoods and a Federal Opportunity Zone. There is a rich history of industry and rail transportation. From 1892 to 1982, the area served as a leading terminal for The Great Northern railroad where locomotives were built and repaired on-site. Today, development and economic opportunities continue to thrive in and around downtown Hillyard.

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